Ancient heritage has contributed, as a driving force, to the spiritual connection of the Greeks with the sacred olive tree, “Moria Elea”, as it was named, the most useful gift of the goddess Athena.

The legend begins with a divine quarrel on the Acropolis of ancient Athens. It was a dispute between Athena and Poseidon over the sovereignty and name of the city.

The winner of the contest that takes place is the goddess Athena, with her becoming the donor of the first fruit-bearing olive tree in the whole country. In this way, not only she sealed her victory, but also the eternal reverence of the people for her valuable contribution to humanity.

In Greece, the olive branch used to bear a moral symbolism, and still does so. The olive wreath was an honorary award for the winners of the Olympic Games, while its oil is considered one of the most valuable goods, with important properties.

Thus, the legend turned into history, the history into tradition, and the offer of the goddess Athena into an offer for the whole world.